Fugax is looking for board-II (’23-’24)

Do you want to get more out of your time in uni? Do you want to help students by providing a unique space for students in Maastricht? Would you like to work with a fun team and at the same time develop core personal skills that will add to your resume? Then joining the Fugax board as Head of Internal Affairs or Head of External Affairs might be for you! When joining you will gain skills such as:

  • Communication 
  • Creative thinking
  • Event planning 
  • Event management 
  • Sponsor acquisition
  • PR-skills
  • Setting up contracts


Since the end of the academic year is coming into sight it is time for Fugax to start looking for board-II. Fugax is a young association that focuses on students who feel like they do not fit in the pre-existing student associations in Maastricht. The first board has worked hard to try and realize this idea, but of course after a fruitful year we now are looking for new board members. Currently Rosa is in charge of general communications, and in the upcoming year her position will be split into two separate positions. Thus, we are looking for a Head of Internal Affairs and a Head of External Affairs.


If you are interested in either one of the positions you can sent in your resume along with a motivational letter to info@safugax.nl before the 20th of April 2023. After this an interview will  follow at the end of April and the new candidates will be chosen following this. If you are not sure whether or not this is for you, we are still planning on two ‘meeting the board’ events where you can come and have a chat with us and ask us questions about the position or being in the Fugax board in general. 

After April the two new board members are introduced into the board and they will receive training. From this point on you will join weekly meetings and help organize INKOM activities. You will be officially instated in September 2023.


Head of Internal Affairs

The head of internal communications is generally responsible for all communication with the members. You will be responsible for PR, keeping in contact with members through our social-media channels. You will also be the primary point of contact for members and will answer general questions and guide comissions as well as keep in contact with them. Furthermore you will also be a ‘bridge’ between the members and the board, thus communicating feedback, complaints, questions etc. to the board. 

Important skills:

  • Creative thinking
  • Know how to work with Instagram
  • Strong in communication
  • Not afraid to take initiative 
  • Approachable character
  • Teamplayer

Head of External Affairs

The head of external communication will be responsible for seeking contact with potential sponsors, keeping contact with existing sponsors, setting up contracts and implementing these. Furthermore you will work alongside the treasurer and together you will be responsible for the acquisition of new sponsorships and potential partners. 

Important skills:

  • You are social and are not afraid of initiating contact with new people
  • A strong mindset 
  • You are a strong negotiator 
  • You understand Dutch (you do not have to be a native)
  • Good at holding a phone conversation 
  • Team player

How much time goes into joining a board?

Approximately you will be expected to join weekly board meetings (2h), join most events/be in charge of a circle or book-club group (2-6h weekly) and work independently (2-8h weekly). You thus will be working anywhere between 6-20 hours per week. Of course during exam period we make sure you have plenty of time to study. 

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