About us

S.A. Fugax is one of the youngest non-traditional student associations known to Maastricht. Founded in September of 2022, we started as no more than a thought. Although Maastricht offers a lively student life, the founders felt something was missing. A space for students who want to get more than partying out of student life; a space that offers a place to students who enjoy hot cocoa and a book on a rainy afternoon; a space for potter-heads, D&D lovers, readers, gamers, artists and so much more. 

Once the idea was formed all that was needed was a name. A name that was fitting for the audience it was aimed at. And yes, of course keeping with tradition it had to be Latin. Fugax is a literal translation for the ‘timid’, perfectly representing the character of our association, a name that reflects the tea-culture we provide. 

Something that stood out to us is that little student associations within Maastricht cater to international students, thus leaving little space for these students to experience typical Dutch student life. Something we like to change! Fugax is proud to be an international student association. We strive to provide a space where students of all cultures, countries and backgrounds are celebrated. Thus we decided quite early on that all communication within Fugax will be in English. 

As for activities Fugax organizes all sorts of fun events! We offer board game nights, book-club, circle, pub-quizzes and movie nights, and yes and occasionally a party as well 😉 Besides this we strongly encourage students to get to know each other and thus also aim to provide dinner-clubs which are small groups of students that get together weekly to have dinner. If this sounds like you, you are always welcome to join one of our activities and check Fugax out for yourself! 

For more information and answers to common questions, take a look at our FAQ page.

Meet the board!

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